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UBERIZING America One Facility at a Time

Facilities Management Industry gets the first Private Label “ON DEMAND” App by The All Pro Service Network

Atlanta GA June 1, 2017.

The All Pro Service Network launched the first Private Label “On-Demand” App and support network for facility groups in Atlanta. Those who are not familiar with the term on-demand and how it has impacted the world of service business are in for an awakening.  Here’s how it works: Using Satellite Tracking (GEO locating) technology, a client can open their own (Private Label) app on their phone and immediately locate and communicate with their preferred service provider based on their geographic proximity.  On demand apps are exploding on the market and currently used to summon ride share providers (Uber & Lyft), dinner (Grub Hub) and now secure facility support services through the All Pro Service Network.

The “On-Demand” Industry represents a $57 billion juggernaut of successful market entries led by the best known, “Uber” when they dominated the ride share industry in 2009. Here’s why, convenience for clients drives the on-demand world and it not showing any sign of slowing. When the majority of consumers use a mobile device to locate services, on-demand technology delivers results 10 times faster than web based service providers and search engines.

Recognizing the efficiency that on-demand technology offers, the All Pro Service Network of Atlanta developed a proprietary (private label) app that facility groups can now use to summon their favorite critical support services in :30 seconds or less!  Now when building managers in Atlanta have an emergency they can connect with Service Providers when needed not when service providers get around to returning a call or dispatching help to their location.

The All Pro Service Network offers the Facility Services App and On-Demand Network support as a “Private Label” service solution to large Commercial Building Groups. The average ramp up period for a white label solution is 15-30 days from inception to launch and does not cost the Facility Group when three or more of their service providers register for the program.

Facility Managers can go to www.allproservicenetwork.com/facility-management/ to reserve on-demand technology for their operations service team.


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