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HVAC’s Answer to Uber is Coming to a Town Near You, the NEWS Article June 12, 2017

For as long as I have been covering the HVAC industry, there has been concern that someone from outside the industry is going to step in and mess up how contractors go to market. There have been boogie men like Home Depot, Home Advisor, and Amazon.

However, in the last year or so, everywhere I look, there seems to be someone within the industry trying to revolutionize how the industry goes to market and gets into the customer’s home. And, really, isn’t that how it should be? Someone who has been in the market and knows the industry inside and out should be the one taking it to the next technological level.

The latest to be on my radar is Atlanta contractor Doug Zweber, who wants to bring the Uber technology to the HVAC industry. Uber, of course, revolutionized the taxi business. Zweber wants to accomplish the same thing with his company.

The contractor started in the business about 40 years ago and currently runs All Pro Mechanical Services, which does both commercial and residential business.

“It all started for me when Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor came into the market,” Zweber said. “It was a model that got my attention. I toyed with the idea of adding an on-demand service in Atlanta and selling that service to air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing contractors.”  Read More

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