What is The All Pro Service Network Web Site?

The All Pro Service Network is a Free Home Improvement Referral Service featuring local Home Service Pro’s accessible via the www or by the “All Pro Service Network” App.  Consumers using the www site or the App can Search Profiles, Make Service Requests, Search & Post Reviews, Schedule Appointments Make Payments and Finance Projects. 

What is the All Pro Service Network App?

Just like UBER, the “All Pro Service Network App” (App) uses GEO locating technology to connect consumers with Featured Service Pro’s in real time. No other Home Improvement referral service has this feature.  

How the All Pro Service Network “Service Pro” App Works?

When a “Featured” Service Pro activates their App it transmits a GPS location signature to be displayed by the All Pro Service Network mobile network. The Featured Service Pro’s App displays the techs location (prior to receipt of a customer service request) and techs name, company name, techs photo, industry sector, customer satisfaction rating, hourly rate and service response window (after responding to a customer service request).

The App can be toggled on (service available mode) to receive customer service requests or toggled off (on service call mode) to receive customer service requests later. Upon receiving a customer service request, Techs can send real time responses, navigate to customer locations with the GPS feature and collect payment with the e-wallet feature upon completion of service calls.

How the All Pro Service Network “Consumer” App Works?

When activated “opened” the “Consumer App” automatically uses Geo Location Technology to locate and identify Featured “Service Pro’s” actively working & accepting calls in the consumer’s geographic area. Once the Consumers identify available Service Pro’s they can send a “Service Request” (Ping) in real time for Service or an Estimate. “Consumer Requests” are broadcast to available “Service Pro’s” only and given a short period of time to respond to the request. When a “Service Pro” responds to a request the consumer will receive a profile of the tech with the techs name, company name, photo, service rate, customer reviews and ETA.  

The consumer then has the option to accept or decline the Service Pro’s response, either decision stops further broadcast of the request closing the request to prevent duplicate responses. When the Service Request is accepted the consumer can use the App to track the Service Pro’s location with the GPS locator and make payment with the “E-Wallet Feature”.

How are Consumer Service Appointments Made?

Consumer Appointments start with an On-Demand Service Request sent by the Consumer via the App. When a Service Request is placed it’s delivered to target Service Pro’s within the customer service area on a first come basis. The first Service Pro that responds to the Service Request closes out the Request to prevent duplicate responses. The targeted Service Pro will send their response to the customer and when accepted by the customer the appointment process is completed.

What’s the Advantage of On-Demand Technology?

On-demand Technology is just like opening a water faucet when a consumer needs water. There are times when the need is higher than others but the water is always there when a consumer turns on the faucet. Now imagine a hundred faucets but only one has water at the tap for the consumer. 

Comparably Search Engines can bring hundreds of results from the www but consumers still need to spend time narrowing down who is available at the time of the need.  On-Demand Technology takes the extra step finding who’s available when needed and bringing those results to the consumers mobile device.  Saving consumers time weeding out 100’s of results based on the consumers need and availability.

Why Consumers Use On-Demand Apps?

Just as Search Engine Technology diverted consumer choices away from yellow pages in the past, On-Demand Apps are dominating consumer choices today. Here are a few samples why consumers prefer On-Demand Apps. 

  • Today, On-Demand Apps deliver *$57 billion in purchases to consumers looking for everything from Doctors to Pizza.
  • The Home Improvement Industry makes up **$319 Billion in sales for 2016.
  • Consumers using mobile apps for shopping by percentage *** 88%.

* Reference Harvard Business Review reported April 14, 2016


** Home Improvement Research Institute https://www.hiri.org/news/277907/Expecting-4.7-home-improvement-sales-growth-in-2016.htm

*** Business Insider http://www.businessinsider.com/why-consumers-use-apps-while-shopping-2015-8

 The All Pro Service Network is a Trade Mark of All Pro Mobile Enterprises LLC all rights reserved.